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Androgynous Fashion: Breaking Social Norms and The Lines of Gender Identity

Culture has always had a great expression through fashion. The rise of gender-neutral fashion, which is a new trend in the industry, has challenged gender stereotypes. Androgyny refers to the combination of masculine and feminine qualities that are shown freely thereby reflecting wider changes in society towards gender equality. By doing this people can freely express themselves without following any rules set by the community thus making it more inclusive and diverse in terms of thought. This marks a huge shift for the fashion world.

The world of fashion is experiencing an increase in popularity when it comes to androgynous style. This has affected both designers as well as shoppers globally. Designers have taken on this theme during their shows where they use models dressed up as boys or girls even though they may not be so according biological sex appearance which would make them either male or female respectively thus breaking all barriers at once. Inclusion should never stop anyone from being who they want to be because if someone feels comfortable dressing like another person then why not let them? Therefore, fashion shows should involve everyone regardless of how different we all appear since our individuality matters most especially in today’s dynamic society where change is inevitable.

Harry Styles recently became a huge public figure representing what many consider an ideal example for androgyny. He solidified this status after wearing a Gucci outfit that made him become U.S Vogue December cover single male celebrity ever since its establishment back in 1892; however he began experimenting with unusual attire during his solo career too but it wasn’t until now that people started taking notice so much so that some say he embodies everything there is about being both masculine & feminine looking simultaneously while still remaining true oneself something which very few people could ever achieve let alone understand fully well enough – least alone themselves.. “What women wear doesn’t really matter me.” According an interview done by The Guardian newspaper Styles said “What women wear./ What men wear./ For me it’s not a question of that./ If I see a nice shirt and get told, ‘But it’s for ladies.’/ I think: ‘Okaaaay? Doesn’t make me want to wear it less though.’/ I think the moment you feel more comfortable with yourself, it all becomes a lot easier.”

Billie Eilish has always been one of my favorite artists because she is so unique and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her style choices. Billie Eilish is an icon when it comes to fashion as well as music; she knows how to turn heads on any red carpet event that she attends by wearing clothes with bright colors or loose fitting outfits which create this sense of fluidity between genders known as androgyny – something very few people can master let alone understand fully enough themselves.. Therefore most gen z teens look up to billie therefore making themselfs wear wierd clothing because they want to be like her. Her commitment towards sustainability has affected Gen Z greatly where she talks about choosing eco-friendly garments often but not always necessarily due climate change concerns only. She really taught us all what being comfortable means while still looking good in front others especially those who judge based on appearances alone.

There are many influencers and celebs who experiment with their identities by blurring gender lines such as Harry Styles or Billie Eilish. Conan Grey (American singer-songwriter), Emma D’Arcy (English actress), Kristen Stewart (Twilight actress), Zendaya (notorious/iconic), Jared Leto (American actor/musician), Billy Porter (American actor/singer) Cara Delevingne( English model/actress) etc

Fashion Editor: Ariel Thi

Writer: TGE Students Group ( Dara, Kaythary, May Thi, Stephanie )

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