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Sustainable Luxury Takes the Stage: Escvdo’s Message of Change at Milan Fashion Week

Arielthi is thrilled to revisit the inspiring story of Escvdo, a brand synonymous with contemporary ethical luxury. We recently had the privilege of interviewing founder Chiara Macchiavello at Milan Fashion Week, and her unwavering dedication to sustainability continues to impress.

A Legacy Rooted in Heritage:

Macchiavello’s Peruvian heritage fuels Escvdo’s unique identity. After refining her design skills in London, she returned to Lima with a vision to bridge the gap between ancient traditions and modern aesthetics. Escvdo’s collections are a testament to this philosophy, featuring handwoven dresses and alpaca-wool sweaters that celebrate ancestral weaving techniques.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle:

For Escvdo, sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s the very core of their operation. The brand sources and manufactures everything locally in Peru, working hand-in-hand with skilled artisans to empower communities and preserve time-honored practices. Their commitment extends to using eco-friendly materials like Pima cotton and suri alpaca, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.

A Double Dose of Sustainability at Milan Fashion Week:

Escvdo’s dedication to eco-conscious practices truly shone during Milan Fashion Week. Here’s where we can update the information:

September 2023: Escvdo’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection was selected for the prestigious Designers for the Planet project within the CNMI Fashion Hub at Palazzo Giureconsulti. This project highlights emerging brands prioritizing environmental and social sustainability.

February 2024: Continuing their commitment to the project, Escvdo presented their Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection at the same venue

Spreading the Sustainability Message:

In our insightful conversation, Chiara Macchiavello passionately conveyed the significance of transparency and cultivating a values shift for future generations. According to her, the fashion industry should not only be a platform for sustainable brands to thrive but also a catalyst for broader cultural change. Macchiavello’s vision extends beyond fashion, advocating for a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates eco-friendly practices into our daily lives. She envisions a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a fundamental aspect of our collective consciousness, influencing both fashion choices and everyday habits.

Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Future:

Escvdo’s story is a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future in fashion. The brand’s unwavering dedication to heritage, ethical practices, and environmental consciousness paves the way for an industry that is both fashionable and responsible. As Macchiavello rightly suggests, educating and empowering future generations about these values is crucial for creating a lasting impact.

Arielthi is thrilled to promote brands like Escvdo that are at the forefront of creating a more sustainable future for fashion. We are passionate about the positive impact of fashion, and Escvdo’s dedication to ethical and eco-friendly practices is truly motivating. Let’s all work together to promote and endorse sustainable brands among our friends and family!


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